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About the Riverland

Riverland Internet has closed for business. more
If you're still using the dialup or email address, or have a website hosted here, please contact local company, Riverland Web & Email Services

Riverland Web and Email Services

May 9: emails saying Riverland Internet Email Warning Alert and saying From Riverland Internet are not
from us. (Riverland Internet is closed, right?) They want to get your password. Just ignore them.

Hope nobody gave their password. If you did, change it now in Account Information.

We will never ask for your username and password or other personal details in an email.
We will not ask you to "VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT" for any reason.
If you get an email asking for information like that, it's best to delete it.

Lots of information about these scams and others at the Scamwatch website.

Safe search for kids

This site is operated by Riverland Web & Email Services
Renmark, South Australia, 5341

Phone 08 75 077044