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About the Riverland

Riverland Internet has closed for business. more
Many people are still using email addresses, or have a website hosted here.
These are provided by a local company, Riverland Web & Email Services

Riverland Web and Email Services

March 2022: If you received email saying Dear Riverland Internet Webmail User, please ignore it.
It's not from us: someone trying to get your password.
If anyone did try to login through the email, they should change their password now in Account Information.

August 2021: The junk filtering for email addresses has had
a major upgrade. More info here - please read.

December 2020: You may notice the webmail's address has changed. No reason for concern: it's
the same webmail being accessed with newer encryption. The old one was giving some SSL warnings.

July 24, 2019: Email with subject IT HELP DESK
from ADMIN is not from us. Just ignore it:
another attempt at stealing your password.

We will never ask for your username and password or other personal details in an email.
We will not ask you to "VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT" for any reason.
If you get an email asking for information like that, it's best to delete it.

Lots of information about these scams and others at the Scamwatch website.

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This site is operated by Riverland Web & Email Services
Renmark, South Australia, 5341

Phone 08 75 077044