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or, Things You Should Know!

Welcome to the world of Internet through your new connection
to Riverland Internet.
Internet offers three areas which are the most popular :-
The World Wide Web, email, and newsgroups, and different software is used for each application. You probably have the software you need.
The first thing to remember now that you are starting your new adventure is... Don't Panic! You WILL learn to operate the system, and sooner than you think.
Your BACK button can help most times that you get into trouble. It takes you back to where you were.


We are committed to helping you, so we are only a phone call away. But, before you call us, see what your HELP files have to offer regarding your problem.
There are also cheap books available at newsagents aimed at helping beginners to find their way.

Spell it right!
You will have found by now that spelling is important, and email addresses and url's MUST be spelt correctly. So don't include spaces, capitals, quotes, or anything that doesn't belong in email addresses or your username.

It's a Phone Call
Remember that each time you connect, you are charged for a phone call. So if you are disconnected or a connection is refused, try and find the reason before re-dialling repeatedly.
Please note that we do NOT kick subscribers offline for any reason. If a connection is lost or refused, there is a technical reason.

Don't Try, Try again!
If a log-on is unsuccessful, and you are asked to check your username and password, check that your Caps Lock light is NOT on. Otherwise, don't just assume your username and password are OK. Experience tells us that the quickest thing to do is type them in again. We have found that solves most log-on problems. However, if you suspect that there may be a financial problem, call us to clarify the situation.

Saving your info
You will, at some time, want to save a page from the net. It is best if you create a DOWNLOAD directory (folder) to put your net stuff in. Then you can always refer to it later offline. Don't forget to save the pictures too by right-clicking on them. (Select "save image as"..)

Learning more about the Internet
Click on the Look Here First link to learn more about the Internet in general to get the best from it with minimal pain and time wasting!
Perhaps bookmark these pages.