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First time visit to this site
The Murray Pioneer Riverland Internet provides Internet Services and The Murray Pioneer newspaper on-line!
This web site has been styled to give each of these two sections its own identity, and so assist you in moving through the associated pages.
The Riverland Internet section uses green buttons, titles and background, while The Murray Pioneer section uses blue buttons and newspaper style titles and background.

Looking for something
For Murray Pioneer Front Page News, Highlights, Editorial, Classified Adverts, Advertising Rates, Personal Notices, and History of The Murray Pioneer, start at the Murray Pioneer page.
For Members Homepages, On-line Times (members only), General Links, Search Engines and other free services, start at the Riverland Internet Services page.
For configuration settings, fees and notices, start at the Information page.

Graphical Reference (using images on this Site)
The following images have been placed throughout this website to help you move around the site more easily (Graphical Navigation Tools):
Riverland Internet Logo Location - Top right of Riverland Internet pages.
Action - Click on this logo to return to Riverland Internet main index page.

Back to The Murray Pioneer index page. Location - Top right of Murray Pioneer pages.
Action - Click on this logo to return to The Murray Pioneer main index page.

                        or   Location - Bottom left of most pages.
                                         Action - Click on this button to return to the top of a page.

                        or   Location - Bottom left of most pages.
                                         Action - Click on this button to go back one page.

                          or Location - End of categorys on long pages.
                                         Action - Click on this button to return to the top of a page.

                                    Location - End of index sections on members homepages listing.
                                         Action - Click on this button to go to the bottom of a page.

I still need help
If you are experiencing any difficulties with this web site, or would just like more help, send an e-mail to:
PHONE (08) 75 077044