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This page is outdated. Our current information is on the Riverland Web & Email Services website.

Riverland Internet is able to register and host a domain name for your company, organization, or personal needs. Following is a quick guide to the fees associated with this. For further information, email webmaster@riverland.net.au, or call us on 8586 6425 between 8:30am and 5:00pm weekdays.

The cost of a website with your choice of web address (such as www.COMPANYNAME.com.au) is in three parts: the cost of registering the domain name, the cost of having it hosted on our servers and the cost of having the webpages designed. This page talks about the first two parts only: the costs of web design costs depend on many things. Please contact us for more information on having a page designed for you: if we can't do it, we can recommend some local web designers who can.

Domain Registration Charges

Most often, we are asked for domain names ending in .com.au and .com. There are other domain name endings available: ask us if you had something else in mind! The name registry we use is Enetica. As a registered reseller for Enetica, we can offer better prices than the retail listing on their website. Note, these prices do change from time to time: check with us for updates.

yourname.COM.AU : $66.00 for 2 years. This is the domain we would recommend to most Australian businesses. To get a .com.au domain, you need an ABN or RBN, and the name you request needs to be in some way related to that name. The rules on this aren't as strict as they used to be: if you had a name rejected before July 1st 2002, call us, and we'll try for it again.

yourname.ORG.AU : $33 for 2 years. To get a .org.au, you must be a non-profit organization with an incorporation or registration number or some kind.

yourname.COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ or .INFO : $22.00 per year. Anyone can register these domains. There are no conditions like those for a .com.au. or .org.au. They are cheaper than a .com.au partly because of this - they don't say as much about you. A .com.au domain must be an Australian company, while a .com domain might not even be a company, but someone's personal domain.

Hosting Charges

Standard Hosting Package : $110 per year. This is sufficient for 90% of small companies' websites. It includes: "Host 2" hosting package : $165 per year. It includes: Domain email features : These features are included with all our hosting options, or you can use them on their own (that is, email hosting only, no webpages) for $55 per year: Extras : Notes:
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