Here is a selection of links to information, software and safe play areas for kids.

It has been said that the best protection is parental supervision, but it is a personal choice that must be made in the family.

To help you in your decision-making, take your time and browse these links. You will be better informed, and will probably find some useful sites for your children.

You can also search for childrens' resources yourself using words like
"kids, children, safe" etc.

    A safe search engine for kids.
KidKountry Showcasing the talents of Newborns to 19's
eSafety An Australian Government site that provides information about online safety. Good for all ages.
Family Friendly Filters The Communications Alliance's guide for internet users has a list of filters.
Common Sense Media Reviews for parents of websites, TV and films. Some good ideas for parents.
KidKountry Showcasing the talents of Newborns to 19's
Kids' Education Links Pages on a variety of subjects: maths, science, parenting, teaching Discusses the risks and suggests tips - no frills, but with lots of info.
Net Nanny Makers of Net Nanny software