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Creating web pages can be creative and fun, whether for business or personal use. But, you do need to understand the processes.

If, after reading this, it's more complex that you expected, call us for an estimate for us to do the page for you.

The links provided here will assist you, and you can get many books on page creation. Start with the top link, and work down!

But, please, don't ring us asking how to build a site, we put the information on the web site so it would be easy for you to access!

Just follow any tutorials, and enjoy the learning process.
Then tell us, so we can list your site on our list of members' pages!

Recent books in the newsagents included titles like "Create Web Sites that Wow!", and "Web page making from A to Z", all written in an easy style.
And, they often include free software to use, for under $20.00.

There are also free applications available to download for page making which do a better job than some that are promoted at some learning institutions.

Watch here for links for page making applications, and associated material.

So, take the time needed, explore the links, then get creative for your boss, your club, your hobbies, or just plain fun!

Note that the last link has all the information that you need about registering your domain, and our hosting charges.

(But do read our Terms and Conditions for sites on our server.)


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