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"...the Riverland as the fastest growing region in South Australia"    Read tearsheet from "The Murray Pioneer" newspaper.


The Riverland is an area approximately 2 1/2 hours drive from Adelaide. It consists of 5 main towns being , Waikerie, Loxton, Barmera, Berri and Renmark. Some 10 smaller towns are also included in the Riverland Area.



The Riverland has a Unique and diverse agricultural area. The main produce being Citrus Fruit produced for the local and overseas market. Wine has become a major produce in recent years with many vineyards being planted and a number of major wineries coming into the area. The area also boasts potatoes and pumpkin along with watermelon and stone fruit and farming of sheep, wheat and cattle playing a strong part in it's diversity. Tourism is of vital importants to the area with strong developments in the area. The Riverland boasts Australia's largest winery and Australias Big Orange both situated in Berri. The Riverland is situated on the Murray River which meanders through all of the above towns with the exception of Barmera, which is situated on Lake Bonney with the Murray River located approximately 3 kilometers to the south and feeding into Lake Bonney by Chambers Creek.

 A major industry of the Riverland is tourism. And offers such recreational activities as fishing, boating, sailing, skiing, canoeing & jet skiing. Houseboats also play a major part in the tourism industry of The Riverland. Part of a story from the Murray Pioneer. Dated Friday May 24th 2002 : 'Region's Business confidence High' 'Riverland business people are among the most confident in the State, a new survey has revealed. Local Business owners are confident of meeting challenges in the next year, bouyed by strong export levels and low interest rates. Released this week, the bank SA state monitor survey revealed rural people are more optimistic about the future than their metropolitan counterparts.'


The diversity of the region also lends itself to a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. The people of the Riverland have a fondness for this wildlife and flora and an interest in the protection of species which are unique to the area and are either endangered now or will be in the near future. Barmera boasts the 'Bookmark Biosphere' and there are a number of Wetlands and Banrock Station situated at Kingston on Murray has one of the best in Australia. Another wetland, boardwalk is situated in Moorook, between Barmera and Loxton.