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Our district, of which Barmera is a central part, is known as The Riverland. The towns which make up this area are the major towns of Waikerie, Barmera, Loxton, Berri and Renmark.

There are 10 smaller towns, Morgan, Cadell, Ramco, Kingston on Murray, Cobdogla, Moorook, Glossop, Monash, Lyrup and Paringa.

All of these towns play an important part in the make up of the Riverland and each has its own history and historical value, such as Renmark where Breaker Morant rode his horse through the front bar of the Renmark Hotel.  Also Barmera, where the late Sir Donald Campbell endeavoured to break the world speed record. The shed in which he housed his boat is now a cafe on the shore of Lake Bonney and a tribute to that attempt.

The population of this area is approximately 35,000 people and the distance between Paringa and Waikerie, which are the 2 extremes, is 83 kilometers.