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 A way to minimise Junk Mail!

Riverland Internet is pleased to offer an effective method of keeping spam
out of your mailbox. We've seen plenty of others, but this software - SpamAssassin - works well.

Still, SpamAssassin is not a perfect solution, since there's no 100%
accurate method for software to identify junk mail. It cannot "catch" 100%
of the spam you receive, though in our experience it can have a success rate
as high as 90%. Also, there is a small risk that SpamAssassin may catch a
valid message, thinking it is spam. This is quite rare, and seems most
likely to happen with poorly formatted mailing list messages, rather than
personal messages.

Our SpamAssassin setup will keep all the messages it catches for 14 days.
If you have been sent a message, and you believe SpamAssassin may have
mistakenly grabbed it, contact us WITHIN 14 DAYS and we'll retrieve the
message for you.
(It's best to email info@riverland.net.au in this case.)

Because there is some risk of losing a legitimate message, we're not
running SpamAssassin on everyone's mailboxes. (We are serious about the
reliability of our email service!) You will have to request that it be set up for your account, and at that time, give us a written agreement that you accept the risk of losing some legitimate mail.

You can choose to have us just mark the spam, and filter it yourself if you are familiar with mail filtering. But you need to know how to go about this.
Otherwise, just let us store it for the 14 day period.

Also, there is a small charge for its use: $11 including GST for six months of spam filtering, which can be billed to your account.
Running SpamAssassin does involve some costs for Riverland Internet, even though the program itself is free "open source" software.

If you want to use SpamAssassin on your email account, click below for the request form that we need returned. Our fax is 8586 6999.

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