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Problem-solving your Internet connection

what could possibly go wrong?


when it's not working

If some child <shudder> messes with your Settings, or your computer throws a fit of some kind and you need to reload the software and type in the Settings again, having that information gives you independence.
None of us like feeling helpess, and you don't need to be.

Anytime your computer 'freezes' because two or more bits of software are telling your unfortunate computer to do opposite things at the same time (politely called a 'software conflict'), any of the software being used at the time can be damaged.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in this case is to restart your computer and cross your fingers.
Kicking it has been known to work, but if you break anything it does void your warranty ;-)

If something is definitely not working, you can do something about it.

Like your spare tyre, backup disks with copies of your Internet connection software (and other programs you use) allow you to trash (delete) the suspect software and reload it from the 'clean' disks.


"Your server is down"

Internet servers, the equipment at your ISP that is your gateway to the rest of the Internet, do very occasionally go 'down', stop working.
This is rare because prudent ISPs invest in powerful backup batteries and surge protectors to deal with power 'flicks' and 'outages' that may or may not be common in your area <grrrr>.

Your ISP will be continually expanding their equipment to deal with the flood of data in both directions, trying to keep the service running while making changes 'on the fly'.
This can fall in a heap, or something can simply go wrong. But not often.

So while your Internet techo will always appreciate knowing if something has stopped working at his/her end, the best place to start is with what you know:


"I can't connect to your server"

Like the original users of the Internet, you 'log on' to the main computer, the server.
A number of things can go wrong with this.
If you are not getting on, and before you try to explain an unknown situation to your techo on the end of a phone, save yourself time and frustration, and become more independent, by checking:


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