(Imp. Canada)

    Creating history in his own lifetime!
    Since his arrival in Australia in 1991, Ruben has
    fulfilled our hopes and expectations of his
    fabulous pedigree.
    Graded excellent as a junior dog at the 1991 GSP
    Specialty under Breed Warden Dr Albert Lemmer,
    one of the foremost authorities on the breed
    and then onto Runner Up In Show.
    Although not used extensively, his litters have
    produced a remarkably high number of quality and
    well preformed offspring in each litter of note,
    with valuable breed characteristics evident...
    shortfirm back, proud carriage and strong sound a natural hunting ability of great
    worth to rough shooters and competitive triallers.
    Reuben's progeny have to dat been awarded more
    than40 titles, 30 are bench Champions, 13 of these
    are Group 1st winners, the remainder include a
    Retrieving Trial Champion, a Dual (Obedience and
    Show) Champion Obedience Non slip and Track titles.
    He is a credit to his breeder in Canada, Jean Pierre
    Reuben is now #1 imported GSP Sire and equal #1 GSP
    Sire in the country - with several newcomers due to hit the
    ring soon.

    Co-Owned by Valache, Sevoier and Durers Kennels.
    Available at limited outside stud, enquiries by private treaty.