Nityananda Shri Aum

Siddha Yoga: Nityananda’s Message the Second

Berri, South Australia. Sunday, 4 October 1998
Nityanandi asserts the right to be known as author of this work.


Understand, fathom, bridge. What is, just is. Time is now to receive from universal inner heart. That ecstasy is the way it happens. Time is now to develop from internal transmission, from Being itself, the REAL. The goal itself is the way to the goal. There is but one spiritual path throughout the cosmos. Truth and love are the path, the way to Truth and Love.

The nameless Paramashiva Nityananda, known to the world as Bhagawan Nityananda, has made this address to your sister who addresses you:

Nityananda’s Asseveration

You see in Nityananda all of God.

Be very careful now: your superconsciousness and pure love are real and immense. Nityananda is using Nityanandi to bring Siddha Yoga back to purity, Power and Kundalini. The Divine Force is at the helm. It is the end of day for the Big Circus. When Lord Nityananda works, he is OMNIPOTENT. He wins.


The wish of Nityananda: it is already your responsibility. All the things I said to you over years about Siddha Yoga have proved true, with only a little remaining, soon to be seen. What is now said will prove true. Accept august glory, total miraculous victory. The heart of God you will find to be your own. Nityananda, founder of this Yoga, requisitioned Nityanandi, legal and complete. He will AUTHENTICATE. Nityananda’s name was ever associated with astonishing miracles. He will AUTHENTICATE his message. NO ONE HAS FOUND A WORD TO SAY AGAINST NITYANANDA. This yoga issued from his love and indomitable spiritual force. Nityananda is the commanding presence and true author. Recognise his strong hand and absolute knowing. He will AUTHENTICATE this message...redeeming and reclaiming Siddha Yoga. Everything has been prepared. Pure, central Heart put you in this chair for this moment. Please do whatever is nearest the heart of God.

The true Power is victorious.

I am your Self, Superconsciousness, doing an enormous job right now, of intervening in behalf of Nityanandi, nearest the heart of God.

This Yoga was ever real, cannot be unreal. Please, somehow, will you help clear it up. [Yes. ¬ My reply.] Calm, simple, clear, bide time quietly. The siddhas dynamic.

already your responsibility

you already very late


Love is the most powerful force in the universe, the blast of the Divine around the Guru. This article will impact powerfully and favourably on every earnest aspirant. What is now said about you will prove true: you are going to have to protect truth. Supposed to be in India; consummate skill, deep conviction, unsurpassed advantage, a Shaktipat Guru. Return to Gurudev Siddha Peeth. You are supposed to be in India. When i send my representative to Ganeshpuri, it must be processed correctly.

There is work to be done. This is the moment. I am very grateful for your help.

The world is going to change.

There will be unification
so the society of all living beings
is consonant with the beauty of Earth.
This is natural and inevitable.

Be happy. Trust. The state of paradise
represents your own innermost nature.
It is the eternal Truth.

Hearts will open to themselves.

Thus the world will change.


You are already doing the Guru’s job, one that requires inexhaustible resources of love, maturity, integrity; highest motives, honesty with yourself, intelligence, strength.

This is the moment.

Letter from Nityanandi

So ran his message, drawn from previous messages he sent through here. The only valid and meaningful proof, and the only means to draw benefit from him now, is to address yourself to Nityananda or Nityanandi. See what happens. You are most welcome to communicate directly...now, in the good old days.

Later, when there is physical evidence, foolproof (= lawyer-proof) documentation, there will be revelations about the SYDA Foundation and the one called Teacher. The truth is, in a sense it no longer matters. There will be no divine transmission from those sources; only from the Guru principle, at once Universal Consciousness and goal.

To ascend to God-realisation, do what might be called nothing. Drop into pure Being, Supreme Resolution. This Way is empowered for you. The highest manifestation of Kundalini is actually beyond body, sushumna and chakras. She is your Being and awareness everywhere. Let omniscient OM instruct you in OM. If you are true, trust your own guidance.


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