Reception of 3MBR-FM

N.B. This information is only relative to residents who are in a reasonable proximity of 3MBR-FM eg. parts of Victoria and South Australia in Australia.

Make sure an FM antenna is connected (or extended if fitted) to receiver.

Check that 3MBR-FM is on the air!

Switch to FM on your radio or tuner and tune in to 103.5mhz.

To receive an FM Radio Station, the receiving antenna is a vital component.

The frequencies used on the FM band are similar to those of television, therefore just as a television set requires and antenna, so does an FM receiver. A poor or broken antenna may give a poor reception. Your FM receiver can only perform as good as it's antenna. The most expensive radio may not necesssary operate unless an antenna is fitted, sometimes just an inexpensive type, or a length of wire may even suffice. If your FM receiver has instructions follow them.N.B. as the 3MBR signal is VERTICALLY POLARIZED, so also should be the receiving antenna.

There are different types of antennae used, some sets have a telescopic antenna, and you should fully extend it and swivel it around for the best reception.Other receivers or tuners provide terminals at the rear in which an antenna can be attached, usually a "ribbon" type. This should be spead out VERTICALLY to suit the 3MBR signal, however try moving it around for best reception, then fasten it. Some radios just have a single length of wire attached for FM reception, try spreading it out vertcally, or move it around for the best reception. Using an FM receiver in a metal building such as an iron shed, or an aluminium caravan, may shield the signal and therefore intercept or reduce the reception.

The in home radio receivers described above relates to the use of an indoor antenna. This type of antenna is usually onl;y satisfactory for reception in the primary area of 3MBR. This is approximately 25 to 30 kilometers from the transmitter, loacted 7kms south of Murrayville, however the actual distance may depend on, the type of receiver/antenna, terrain, and location of receiver, etc.

If you live further away from Murrayville, or if you are only obtaining a marginal reception of 3MBR, or no reception at all, use an outdoor antenna. An outdoor antenna is by far the best type, there are several types and sizes available from a antenna supplier (or contact 3MBR). Remember that the antenna must be mounted VERTICALLY and pointed to the 3MBR transmitter, 7 kms south of Murrayville. The best type of antenna for 3MBR is a unit that has been "tuned" or built to 103.5 mhz. If you are inclined to build such an antenna, ask us for the specifications! You could even try connecting connecting your VHF television antenna to your FM receiver, if your tv antenna uses a masthead amp or "booster" make sure it is turned on.

If you have a spare VHF tv antenna, try using it, as it may receive 3MBR in some locations. Mount it vertical and point towards the transmitter.

For FM reception on motor vehicles, extend the antenna to a length for best reception (especially when listening at a distance from the station). (NB. Some vehicles have an inbuilt fixed antenna, in this case, you can't alter these). There are vehicles fitted with a short telescopic antenna along the windscreen pillar, and others fitted with a short "flexible" rubber type antenna. These won't receive as well as an antenna that is mounted away from the metal body of the vehicle and can be extended to a suitable length or height. It is important that a motor vehicle antenna is in good condition, as a faulty unit (eg.not broken or loose) will not receive very well, or for any great distance.

NB. If you can only obtain a poor reception, and your receiver has a Mono/Stereo Switch, it may be better to switch to Mono, as a poor Stereo signal can sound "noisey". It is better to listen to a "clearer" sounding Mono program, than a Stereo sound which is "noisy". Many FM receivers have an auto Mono/Stereo switching feature.

NB. Some of the suggested methods may only work in certain locations, but could be worth trying first as an inexpensive option.

However the best method is to use an FM Yagi antenna, Vertically Polarized and pointed to the 3MBR-FM Transmitter. (an antenna that is manufactured to the frequency of 103.5mhz is even better).

A high gain FM antenna using a Masthead Amplifier or "Booster" would be the best for deep fringe areas.

Please don't hesitate to contact 3MBR for assistance on reception and/or installing an antenna to receive 3MBR.