Setting up Outlook Express

This page will guide you through the setup of "Outlook Express"
for use with Riverland Internet.

1) Open Outlook Express

2) It is not necessary to connect to the Internet at the moment if you do not wish to. You can close any windows asking for passwords as well as any resulting error messages.

3) If Outlook Express starts an "Internet Connection Wizard", go to the next step. If not, skip to step 9

If the Wizard Does Not start :

4) Click "Tools" in the Menu bar at the top of the screen

5) Click "Accounts"

6) Click the "Mail" Tab in the new window that should have appeared.

7) Click "Add" then "Mail"

8) Enter your name in the "Display Name" box. This is not your e-mail address, but the name that will appear as the sender.  Click "Next" once this is done.

9) Leave the dot in "I already have an e-mail address" and put your e-mail address in the box provided. Click "Next" when this is done.  Your Riverland Internet E-mail address is "<Your_Username>"  eg:

10) "My Incoming mail server is a"  should read "POP3".  Incoming and Outgoing mail server names should be "".  Click "Next" when these details are filled in.

11) "Account name" is your USERNAME (Not E-mail address) with Riverland Internet and "Password" is your normal password with Riverland Internet.  Click "Next" when filled in.

12) Click Finish. If the Wizard started automatically, Outlook Express should now be ready to use. If you needed steps 4-7, continue to step 13.

13) Click the account "" then click "Set as Default".

14) Click "Close".  Outlook Express should be ready to send and receive.

    If you encounter any problems please call us on (08) 75 077044. Please leave a message if there's no answer: we do return calls.