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Recently, we had a user call and ask us to remove a large email attachment from their mailbox.

It was about 55 Megabytes in size. Then, later in the day another user called with the same request. This time, it was 89.9 Megabytes. We thought that this was a record!

So we thought it was time to remind you that a 1 Megabyte attachment is about what the system was designed for, and 2 Mb is big. It would take about 10-15 minutes to download.

You can do your own calculations on the above files, and those times preclude technical problems! We have noticed an increasing number of other ISP's setting limits of 1-2 Mb on their mail accounts. This results in the item being returned to the sender.

We have no limits.....for the time being. But it will be re-assessed if these occurrences continue. So tell tell your friends to limit attachments to around that size.

If they have little concept of files' sizes, show them how to use Windows Explorer, because a knowledge of file management is essential for doing anything on a computer, as well as watching the size of attachments.

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